Jeti Voltage Regulator SBEC 40 5-8V/40A w/Magnetic Switch

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The SBEC 40 from Jeti is a switching BEC designed to operate with included magnetic key. The advantage of an electronic switch is that it offers a virtually unlimited ON/OFF cycles, unlike mechanically operated switches.

The new Jeti SBEC 40 is a switching BEC designed to regulate the voltage from your 8-51V power source (3-12S Li-Poly or 3-14S LiFe packs) and provide a selectable output voltage of 5 to 8 volts at up to 40 amps peak and 18A continues current. With high output voltages available the Jeti SBEC 40 switching regulator is ready for your high-voltage servos and will satisfy the extreme requirements of most modelers.

The Jeti SBEC voltage regulator is very simple to use allowing the output voltage to be selected by using the included jumper plug, which can be moved between the pins to instruct the SBEC to output the corresponding voltage.

Screws and mounting-lugs are included to mount the device in your model as well as the magnetic key and face-plate. Decals are also included to allow the informative cover of the unit to be replicated on the outside of your model.

The faceplate contains an integrated LED to indicate the ON/OFF status of the switch. Should the battery become disconnected, the unit remembers its ON/OFF state i.e. if the unit is switched on and the battery is disconnected, the unit will remain ON when the battery is reconnected.